Quiet time, Apologies, Wins, and a little bit of Chinatown. / by Louiie Victa

Today’s post is going to be a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

It’s Saturday night, and all my friends are out and about. Dinner, drinks and nosh invitations have been turned down for the sake of much needed “quiet time” on my part. One thing about me that you should know is that I wear many hats and this process leaves me prone to burnout to the nth degree. I work as a full time chef in addition to managing my food photography business. I have my food related art projects and write on the side too. Every time I have a moment to come up for air, I recharge my batteries much to the dismay of my sociable friendly friends. It’s the only way I can balance being pulled in all directions during the week, and I am going to quit apologizing for that RIGHT NOW.

I had a meeting with my team at EDO Tapas earlier, which proved to be super fruitful. They recently won the prestigious best restaurant award from Desert Companion, and it’s amazing to see their growth over the last six months. Anyway, I am launching a new campaign for them, so keep tuned in. A lot of great changes are going to be taking place with my workflow this year. The restaurant industry is a beast: it’s vibrant, constantly evolving and dynamic. And there are media needs to be filled as well as images to create. Personally, I am super jazzed about it. WIN, WIN!

It baffles me how much Las Vegas has changed over the years. The off-strip dining scene is really taking off, and I am very impressed, specifically with the vibe in Chinatown. Back in the day, only a few Asian markets, eateries and curious oriental shops were the staple of the said area. But now, it’s a destination that every foodie should visit. I mean it when I say that, and coming from a chef’s perspective, I get really excited with these little restaurants and hidden gems that are just popping up. Yes people, Las Vegas has a food culture and it’s THRIVING.

I finished off my day with a walk through one of my favorite Asian Markets. I was intending on picking up a couple of things I needed such as jasmine tea and some enoki mushrooms, but I somehow ended up snapping photos on my iPhone. Didn’t think much of the photos I took, but was pleasantly surprised when I got home and started to fiddle around with them. The result? I got a few good photos that I’m happy with, and that gives me this warm feeling on the inside. As a photographer and an artist I will have to say, snapping a badass iPhone pic is a smug sense of accomplishment… a silent victory if you will.

Lately I’ve been realizing that FOOD IS EVERYWHERE. It’s on TV, in clothing, in art, the news, books, etc etc. Matter of fact, it’s so essential to our everyday lives and probably is that one thing we think about three times a day (at least) on a daily basis. It’s the one thing we absolutely cannot live without. That’s probably why it’s so high up on the rungs on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Food is so necessary to us, no question about that. But it makes me wonder… why can’t we seem to remember what we ate for dinner yesterday? If it’s that important to us, surely it would bear some significance in our memory.

I don’t want to eat, digest, shit and forget. Do you?