Attraversiamo. / by Louiie Victa

I have to begin somewhere.

After the chaos of being out of the country for almost half the year, of setting up shop and home, and just hitting the ground running as soon as I arrived, this is where I find myself. I would have sounded off months ago, but I didn’t have the downtime, [voice and courage] to do so. I came from a very dark and confusing place, and it took some time to get all the pieces back together.

And so here I am. Three days after my portfolio showed at the Holsum Design Lofts, I am hungry for more. The work [food photography] is addicting. I like the grind of it all. I told myself I’d give myself some leisure moments and actually enjoy myself during the holidays. But my brain is just going 24/7. I’m afraid there really isn’t a way to stop it, so I might as well get some work done and indulge in a little writing, which I haven’t done in a very long time.

Attraversiamo. What does that mean? Most of you who will recognize this popular Italian line from the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” know exactly what I am talking about. For those who have no clue, you’re in luck. I shan’t tell you to google it. That wouldn’t be fun. That would actually take you away from this narrative, and I need you [YES, YOU] to read on.

“Let’s cross over.” Plain and simple as that. The beloved phrase holds a multitude of meanings for me. But for the purpose of keeping everything concise and easily understood, Attraversiamo is the point where I’ve finally come to this space to greet you, meet you, and take you along in my fascinating journey as a chef, food photographer, stylist, and artist.

Together, I hope we can talk about all matters pertaining to food… And I mean, literally everything under the sun that relates to food and anything edible. Sometimes, it will be relevant. Sometimes it will sound stupid. I’m not one to discriminate on topics, and the world of gastronomy is huge, especially if you tackle it from a modern perspective. So this space right here, is the special place where you [YES, YOU] and I can sound off thoughts, ideas, recipes (heaven forbid this turns out to be a recipe blog, but I welcome the occasional smattering of a blueprint of a dish or two here and there), and last but not the least - food stories.

Anyone who eats is welcome here.

And so, we’ve begun…